I like what singer Boy George wrote one day.


He wrote:

People build the world on narrow confidence.

Like a child at birth.A man with no defence.What is mine is my own and I won’t give it to you.No matter what you say. No matter what you do.Now we’re fighting in our hearts.Fighting in streets.Wont  somebody help me!


This world is crazy.

Living in it is a bit hazy.People are crazy.They do different crazy things.The only thing solid is my rock,His name is Jesus.I want to introduce him to this world.The rock on which I stand.He brings stability,in the midst of your storm.When everything is shaky around you and you feel you gonna fall.He upholds you with his righteousness right hand and brings order to your crazy life.

He brings peace in the midst of your confusion.Peace not as the world give ,but peace in your heart which transcends all understanding.To know the peace and love of Christ is a gift.And it is free.Who wouldn’t want that.He brings peace into your chaos.He is the prince of peace.

May the peace and the love of Christ be with you.