Divorce can be such a devastating experience.It can wreck so many dreams, future plans.It can wreck almost everything.The most fragile purest thing it can rip apart is a child’s heart.

Is it really worth all of this.That cheap fling.Is it really worth all that damage.How are you gonna fix all of that once its over.How are you gonna undo all of that once it all comes out.The extent of the damage is much bigger than you think.Do you even think at all.For a few moments of pleasure is it really worth your while.

The broken, crushed heart of a wife.The shattered dreams all lying in pieces on the floor.How are you gonna fix that.What a great big mess.

The home ripped apart by one of your acts.Everything broken.Lives, feelings, dreams,hopes.How do you explain to a child that cant begin to describe the pain you see in their eyes.Pain that was caused by a person that they believe in once and trusted with their lives.

Once you gone they can pick up the pieces and glue them back together,but it won’t be the same.Its never the same.Its never really whole like it was before.The lines are the scars that was left by you.Always fragile.Never the same.